Beauty & The Beast Engagement Cake


Yes, our pastry artists can create some Disney Magic of their own. This sweet engagement cake – no pun intended, of course- is our sophisticated take on meant for Belle and the Beast themselves. Our rose is one better – it does not wilt, fall, and is sweet to those daring to take a bite!

Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeBeauty and the Beast Engagement Cake









Our team took it the next level, being inspired by all the touches done by Disney themselves.

Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeThe swooshes are bound by Mickey ears, even the stick pin for the cravat is Mickey approved!Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeMickey Mousse Beauty and The Beast Swag Cake



The happy couple enjoyed chocolate cake with vanilla mousse filling for the bottom tier, and vanilla cake with chocolate mousse for the top tier.

Beauty and the Beast Engagement Cake

Design Inspired By Invitations


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Often we have clients come to us, hosting a special event, and while they know they would like a festive dessert of some type, they don’t necessarily know what they would like. In this particular case, our client was hosting … Continue reading

Birthday-Disney World-Celebration Cake

It is always an honor to make cakes for celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, promotions, etc etc… We at Eloise’s Pastries delight in creating beautiful and delicious cakes that put the exclamation mark on the celebration.

Disney Celebration Birthday CakeTo us, all cakes are special, but this one was exceptionally so, as AJ is not only a little boy he is a warrior. AJ has been waging a very difficult and uphill health battle, which needed to be celebrated. Icing Smiles contacted us to  put the exclamation on his wonderful birthday surprise.

AJ and his parents were invited to come and sample some cake, though AJ understood it to be simply a tasting for a cake his parents might want for a dinner party. After AJ gave his opinion, the stage was set and the bakery team could get to work!

What fun we had! Talking with AJ’s mom we found out some of his favorite Disney characters and then learned of another favorite which just had to be included. The result is below. Starting with The Mouse himself and his faithful dog Pluto, we moved on to the ultimate hots of Lumiere and Cogsworth to help welcome AJ and his family to Disney World and some of its many parks – as the cake was the announcement that they were going there!

Disney Epcot Mickey Mousse Pluto Cake

We then traveled to the Disney Studios and brought Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater from the big screen to edible life!

Disney Cars Cake

Finally we finished with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friend Percy, who though not Disney creations, are also very important to AJ.

Thomas The Train Cake

The bakery had a great fun creating this magical cake and being allowed the privilege tof not only wishing AJ happy birthday, but also of inviting his surprise trip to Disney World with his family.Disney Celebration Birthday Cake

Thank you again to Icing Smiles, AJ and his family for letting us be a part of such  very special celebration! AJ  – have fun at Disney World!

Summer Wedding Cake with Cala and Day Lilies


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  This beautiful wedding turned family  barbecue cake is a beautiful summer cake. Finished in a smooth fondant finish, it is wrapped with real raffia ribbon and our gumpaste sugar cala lilies and yellow day lilies.     For the … Continue reading

Royal Baby Shower Cakes


With the expected arrival of the new Prince or Princess of England any day now, and in the perfect timing of spring, the world seems to be filled with baby-celebrations. In the world of the bakery, we seem to be having lots of baby shower cakes and cookies requests.

This led us to ask you, what is your favorite baby shower cake theme/design? What seems adorable and cute to you?

We did this Hungry Caterpillar cake recently – and it was the hit of the Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower Cakeparty. Tip: By having all of the elements being multiple shades – just like in the book – and having every item in multiple bouts of color – it works in being sophisticated and looking complete. If we had only done half the elements with the multi-layer of color, it would have looked incomplete and off balance.  Continue reading

Africa Themed Wedding Cake

This day and age, cakes are becoming more unique and personal to the client, and wedding cakes are no exception. Often times, couples give us an idea of what they have in their head, and allow us artistic license to create the design. In this particular case, the couple let us know that shortly after their wedding they would be headed to Africa on a mission trip. This was very important to them, and they wanted to incorporate this theme on their wedding cake. When we heard Africa we immediately thought of animals and the great African savannas.

Below is a picture of the wedding cake created.The animals are made out of a lace style applique that we custom designed.

safari themed wedding cake

We loved being part of this couple’s special day and had a blast using our imagination and creativity to create this cake for them.

From Inspiration to Cakes

The middle of May through the beginning of June is graduation season here at the bakery (in the midst of every-other season that comes – including weddings, bridal showers and baby showers). It is such an honor and joy to celebrate such achievements. While all are done with each graduate in mind, some our more simple with their school logo and some our personal. Often we are sent a picture and asked to create that cake, with some very minor, albeit specific, personalization done. These are our most straight-forward cakes.

Sometimes we are sent a non cake image and asked transform that it into a cake design. These give us a great path we have fun seeing the cake come to life.

Yet most often we are often given a few descriptive words and sent on our merry ways.

Graduation Cake - Featuring woodstock, University of Mount Olive, and High School Logo (Tiger)

Graduation Cake – Featuring woodstock, University of Mount Olive, and High School Logo (Tiger)

Congratulations Graduates Class of 2014!

Pink & Gold Photo Shoot

From time to time we get to produce cakes that are used in photoshoots that are put together by our fellow vendors. It’s a great and rewarding way we can all showcase our work!

This cake was inspired by the soft feminine pink spring feel of the shoot. To ensure a cake will hold up for a shoot – and not have wasted cake – we use what we call ‘dummy cakes’ or carved styrofoam that is the same size as a tier of cake. Once covered in fondant and decorated it is impossible to tell the difference (unless you pick it up or attempt cutting it).

Dummy cakes are not only excellent for doing bridal shows or photo shoots, but you can use a dummy tier to increase the size of  your cake – be it a birthday, graduation, anniversary or wedding – without needing to have a surplus of actual dessert cake. 

Pink and Gold Wedding Cake

We think it was a fantastic job and enjoyed working with everyone! Thank you Lelia Marie Photography , Buttercups Floral Designs, Ann Leslie Designs, MAYJUNE Events, Everything Linen, Sammys Rental Inc., Staccato Stationary, Fabulous Vintage Dishes, at Airlie Center.

Air Force Memorial Wedding


It is always a special honor when we do wedding cakes for those who are serving or have served in our armed forces. This was our first wedding at the Air Force Memorial itself.It was a special surprise to see the groom join us as we were finishing a memorial photographer snap the picture!

Bakery Team with Groom and Company

Bakery Team with Groom and Company

The dessert items included a wedding cake with a cascading petal design and a dessert bar. The red, white and blue wedding colors were carried through out the sweets table.


The white wedding cake on the exterior actually had a dyed blue cake interior. The dessert bar included cake pops (red and blue colored, of course), two bite custard tarts with fresh berries, and champagne cake canapes with fresh blackberries.

One tip for setting up a dessert or buffet table – remember to keep the balance and height in perspective. Having your trays varying heights and shapes keeps the table from looking ‘flat’ or one demential. .

Cake Pops

Red & Blue Cake Pops

Berry Custard Tarts

Dessert Bar Favor Box


We recently did a dessert bar for a rehearsal dinner, but what was new for us and fun, was that the dessert ‘doubled’ as a favor. By this, I mean that for each guest, a serving of every single dessert item was assembled and packaged in a box, ready to enjoy there or to take home for later. This would also be great for Picnics, Corporate Events, Welcome Gifts, and Thank yous. They are smaller than a gift basket but just as special. Recipients get to enjoy them at the time or can wait and enjoy later; either way- they don’t miss out!

Eloise'sPastries - dessert favor box2

The selection included 6 different items – 2 cookies, one 2-bite pie, one mini cheesecake, and a 2-bite brownie.

They were packaged in one of our new product boxes and customized with the couples wedding ribbon colors.

Eloise'sPastries-dessert favor box