New Year Ponderings

January is the time for resolutions – whether that’s letting go of bad habits or beginning new ones. Which in a bakery means, the more indulgent delicacies – such as the chocolate peanut butter bites, are out, and the whole wheat blueberry muffins, or zucchini bread are in!

Yet what is keeping me the busiest at the moment are the Bridal Tastings. This is one of my favorite parts of Sweet Memories, meeting engaged couples and help them plan such a fun part of their wedding. The cake is simply there to be enjoyed. It should absolutely be beautiful, something to be fawned over, and whole heartily delicious once it is served. It is not something to be stressed over or a pressure choice, like deciding who to sit next to Aunt Ethel, who always speaks her mind, or the wording of the vows.

At our tastings, we believe it is an event, a time to be celebrated and pampered. Which means table cloths in my world. I must say I have enjoyed shopping for just the right linen, napkins, forks, and glasses to set the tone. ‘Decorative Cakes’ – that sounds so much nicer than Dummy Cakes – are placed around the room, and on different serving plates are the 3 cakes the couple chose to taste, as well with an array of fillings / frostings that I have chosen to accompany them (on average I offer 2 different fillings/frostings per cake flavor).

I am fascinated by what inspires people’s aesthetic design. I am fortunate that each and every couple I have had have been a delight and unique experience to work with. As each cake is custom done, I never get bored or feel creatively stippled!

So, this January of beginnings and resolutions, I wish each of you a year of happiness, hope and many sweet memories!