Happy Valentines Day!

I love this holiday. I love the essence of it, I love the history of it, I love the chocolate of it!

When my daughters were little girls, I loved receiving their hand made cards. Now that they’re grown women, I still love receiving the texts, calls, and occasionally hand made cards. ūüôā

I love the generosity of this holiday. And yes, I hear the dissent because of this over commercialized holiday, however you choose to participate in that only as much as you desire.

Being a chocolate lover and a baker, of course we have at Sweet Memories my favorite sweets. And to be frank, there are two dark desserts for this occasion that have my eye. The first are the chocolate cake truffles. Dark, rich, moist, and just the right bite size, I can give them out individually or by the box to that someone special. The others are the supreme chocolate peanut butter bites. With my all time favorite chocolate cake, rich peanut butter center and all covered in heavenly dark ganache, it is indulgent and sinfully fabulous! That, with a glass of red wine; love!

Well, sweets for the sweet are only one form of expressing that you love someone, and I encourage you to tell all the people that play a loving part in your life in one way or another I love you. Be it with that exceptional over the top, hand-made card, or flowers, or sweets, just say Happy Valentines Day!

A basket of Valentine Red Cake Pops

The Bridal Showcase Experience

Sweet Memories booth at Bridalshowcase expo in the Patriot Center

As the world gets more interconnected and convenience and time saving requirements are ever more important, the bridal industry has risen to the occasion as only they can in our times: a massive, and I do mean massive, one stop shop for brides to find, taste, and familiarize (be overwhelmed by) with all that is available to them. In the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area, one of the biggest of them all are the Bridalshowcase Expo, where hundreds of vendors meet with even more brides, at the fastest speed meeting you can imagine.  As veterans, we have entered this foray and braved this show for three seasons, which in some circles is the equivalent of having played the world championships 3 times.

It is a hard balance to get a personal and memorable exchange with the bride / bridal couple, family member and/ or information gathering embassador, while the crush of ever moving people encourages you to keep moving forward. However, I think this last show was our best yet!

Our table, as you 'walk in'

We were passing out samples, handing out our cards, talking to interested parties, like seasoned veterans, while being sensitive to the contiuous barrage of pressure the brides receive, which is not our style.¬†I guess three times the charm! We have to get the important information to you: who, what, when, where, and what would be the next step. The old adage goes, ‘if you can’t write your idea on the back of my business card, you don’t have a clear idea.” (Although at times during the show I had momentary brain freeze – or was that fatigue?!)

I always love meeting with brides and bridal couples, it is such a special time, and the most exciting and rewarding ¬†part about doing these shows is having the follow up conversations. Now it’s back to baking, decorating, more intimate meetings and conversations, until it’s time for the next show!