Happy Easter!

It’s Good Friday, and we’re in glorious spring weather here! Having lived a significant portion of my life below the equator where Easter is in fall, I never fail to appreciate the significance, beauty, and connection of spring and Easter.

That energy, color, and spirit is hatching in our kitchen as well! Easter cakes are being stacked and decorated, we have had rows of chicks hatching to adorn cupcakes, pies are in the oven…. And of course, chocolate’s everywhere! I have to say, the modeled chicks, bunnies, and lambs are my absolute favorite though. (We have such talented staff!)


I wanted to share a few tips on how to make more festive any sweet treat you might be serving on your Easter table more festive! Regardless of whether it’s homemade or purchased from a store, you can always make it perfect for your table.

*Adorn with Easter Candy. Truly my favorite go-to easy adornment, thanks to talented factory makers, candies are so luminescent and pretty. Jelly Beans are luminescent and bright, bringing instant cheer to any plate, cupcake, or cake.

Use your peeps. If you stick a toothpick ⅔ up the way of a peep, you now have a holder and can use that to place into any cupcake or cake. (Kids particularly love this look).

The plastic or natural colored green excelsior found in most craft stores, generally used in the bottom of Easter baskets, is a great way to add color either around the plate of your dessert or along the table as part of your decor. (*Note while this substance is not edible, though I saw one edible band this year – try to avoid having it touch actual food. If in doubt, this idea is not for you.).

Pastel colored chocolate eggs again are a beautiful addition, sprinkled among a plate of cookies, or among your table display.

We love to hear your Easter stories! So please feel free to share and have a delightful Easter!!

PS – A note for the days after Easter: remember, save any Easter chocolate not consumed – if there is any – it’s great chocolate; you can melt it down in the microwave or stove top – just  chop it up and use it in fudge, brownies, cake or ganache to drizzle over fresh strawberries! If you don’t what to melt, the chocolate bunnies make the best chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies!