Our first blog on Eloise

Well, we made it through our first week as Eloise’s Pastries. The spreading of the news, changing over the voice mail, answering the questions of where the name came from; and in all that baking, having tastings for wedding cakes, and decorating! It was exciting and I am so relieved to have the ‘eye of the storm’ behind us!

 I must say, having the shorter name is a lot easier rolling off the tongue 🙂 . So, now we are ready to blogging stories and sharing tips. While they are not every day, and I have a goal to be weekly when it’ll be ever few weeks, we hope you enjoy our blogs and tips and will continue following us here, at Eloise’s Pastries. 🙂

Fantasy Floral Cake

This blog is about one of our most recent cakes, and our grandest to date. Im calling it the floral fantasy cake. Not only the tallest, it’s height measuring over 6feet tall, it can serve approximately 500, and has over 500 sugar (gum paste) flowers on it. It is a testimony on planning, as we were balancing all of our other equally important orders! Having a fabulous team is vital!!!


This cake was all about team work, playing to each others strength, and being able to have a vision. In the cake world, there is only so much that can be done in advance, which thankfully sugar flowers qualify! However, I really have to give it to my team, as some of those flowers take days before you get one complete, as you have to account for drying times and the stages involved in firming and assembling.


The variety of flowers which went on this cake were the Southern Magnolia, Cattelyia Orchid, full Rose, Tulip, Stephanotis, Sweet Pea, and Cala Lily, Lily of the Valley and many leaves. The volume was daunting, but we just kept at it until we got to what we needed. Below are some pictures of the bins carefully packed that were used to store and transport our treasures.


Due to the sheer weight of the cake and the design, we chose to stack the cake at the venue, doing our research on which cake structure design would work best for us! And voila, here it is! Yea Cake Stackers!

Happy 4th of July!

This day of remembrance, celebration, with friends and family is a special holiday to us at Sweet Memories; we so appreciate all the men and women who have served and are currently serving us. It’s a day of tradition and appreciation, a day which is often spent much the same year after year, yet always updating, changing with the passing of time.

For my family, it’s spent out doors, with family and friends, good food, kids and lots of laughter. When I was a child, I was part of the gang of kids. As I grew up, I was the one roasting marshmallows for others who simply want the pleasure of eating them. When my children were young, I was the background coordinator, helping prepare all the food and activities, making sure everyone was happy. Now, I enjoy the fellowship of others, and simply enjoy the day as it comes, not stressing over it.

And so I come to my current favorite no stress, summer sweet treat. Store bought angel food cake, (I know , I really should make it myself or buy it from us, but it is my day off, and therefore planning ahead is not part of it!), with fresh berries and a quick lemon icing! Delicious! And very color corrodinated for the day if you use blue berries and strawberries.

Simply slice the angel food cake in half – hollow out a little trough all the way around the center “hole”. Mix the berries together with a little heavy cream, and a touch of sugar if they are a little tart. Spoon the mixture into the trough as evenly  around as you can. Put the top of the cake on and spread or drizzle heavily with lemon icing!

Enjoy and God Bless America!