Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays, because it is all about Giving and Sharing. At the bakery, we choose to provide some sweet treats and cakes to some of our local family shelters.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful to be growing and having more opportunities to know our clients better. We love sharing stories, hearing the family traditions, and find it an honor and joy when supplying a small part to their special table.

Like most families, there are things that are tradition and we always seem to add something new to the feast. For the bakery, the traditions are the pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, angel and sweet potato biscuits.

Our new items this year are pecan pie bars , molasses cookies, and Turkey Cake Pops! Personally, I think these cake pops are just too cute.

Our family is blessed to have an oven and a turkey in it- which right now needs my attention… So thank you for another year and dropping ny!

For each of you we wish a  meaningful and Happy Thanksgiving!


We appreciate our Veterans!

Last week was elections, and today is our day to honor all of those who are serving and have served. Both days are highly patriotic and are a fabulous time to reflect as a nation, on who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

In the bakery, we love to know the origins of our recipes, and knowing our nations history is part of that. Our fore-fathers, whether civilians or soldiers, all fought for our to vote, and for our voices to be heard. Whenever we vote we are honoring their fight!

For those who continue to serve and have served in the military, to show our appreciation we offer a selection of cookies and pound-cakes at a reduced price, and a 10% discount on our occasion and wedding cakes. We appreciate yours and your families service and sacrifice.

Our way of celebrating these two occasions was with our Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes, and the Democrat and Republican Mascot  Cookies.

An easy tip for making patriotic cookies – take your cookie dough and split into thirds. One third take and roll it into a log,  the diameter being the size of the cookie you would want. I would say, anywhere from 2 inches – 4 inches. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in the fridge until you need it. One third add some red food coloring to – paste food coloring works best- the deeper the color the more you’ll need. Then, knead the dough, spreading the color throughout. Once the color is evenly mixed, roll into a log and wrap, I suggest the same size as the first, but it’s up to you. Set it aside in the fridge. To the last third, add  blue paste food coloring. Knead and again, roll out into a log, wrap it in plastic wrap and into the fridge it goes! Let them set up for at least 30 minutes before working with them again.

Take your chilled cookie dough out of the fridge and just slice to about ½ inch in thickness and bake. A fun detail to add is a new, unused stamp to give it a little personality or theme. Now you have red, white and blue cookies!