March – Easter Treats


The thawing of winter and blooming of spring is a time that always goes by so fast. Yesterday it was Christmas and winter.  Tomorrow it’s Easter (depending on the year it’s here before you blink), and spring! The ground thaws and creatures come out of hibernation…

In the bakery, chocolates, bunnies and marzipan chicks are hatching up everywhere!

Easter is one of my most favorite seasons — and I love to make it special.

Here are some thoughts for you:

Dress your table up for the occasion! Get inspiration from the outdoors; cut some fresh flowers and leaves, strewing them along the center of the table. Remember to keep in mind that you want eye-height field of vision clear, so that conversation is not stunted by people not seeing you through tall and bulky table settings. You can add, just remember to have it spaced. Also, the narrower the better -you need for plates! 🙂

Want to show off some of your easter eggs? Nestle them in the greenery, or onto candle sticks (in place of the candle). Inexpensive Easter garlands can be found at any craft store and many grocery stores; if you take them apart you can use them as napkin ties or around chairs. For a more sophisticated look or to keep it from feeling too busy, try to stick with one base color (maybe two if it’s white and green, for example), and have 3 or 4 accent colors that just give the punctation to the decor. It’s the hint of color and whimsy that just make it fun!

My fun and relatively painless Easter dessert is decorated Sugar cookies! They are always a hit, and are fabulous to bake and/or decorate with kids (big and small). Just get out the cookie cutters, sprinkles, and icing! These can also be set out on the table top and become a conversation starter for groups who don’t know each other well. Display them on a “silver tray” until time for dessert!

My personal favorite Easter decorating activity is dying the Easter eggs. This could possibly be because it means there will be an Easter Egg Hunt, which is so much fun to watch with little ones!

We used to make our own dye – I found it much easier to maintain, cost effective, and my girls enjoyed the challenge with the colors.

To make the dye:

1 tsp food coloring, (the McCormicks in the little squeeze bottle from your grocer’s shelf)

1 tablespoon white vinegar,

½ cup hot water. (This is the amount you need per color for the dye).

Tips for boiling your eggs:

Start with cold eggs sitting in a pot of cold water. Bring to slow boil then broil for 5 minutes.

Let cool down in the water and then dry.

Now your ready to dip and decorate to your hearts desire!

Happy Easter!