May Blossoms

It’s May! Happy Mother’s Day!
The flowers are in full bloom ~ though without any scent as they are made of gumpaste in the bakery. With Mother’s Day and Weddings, we are in full spring mode. We make all of our gumpaste flowers in house, and what a great irony; I have a brown thumb!  I know my father and grandmothers are watching down on me laughing, because despite myself, I have finally learned all these different types of flowers 🙂 .
cherry blossoms
Just as a gardener plans the layout for the beds before getting seeds to germinate, we plan how much time it will take to make the flowers, how far in advance to start, assemble, and decorate. While I would never dare to say that our flowers can compare our flowers to the exquisite ones grown in gardens and along byways around the world, I am awfully impressed with what my team’s hands can do! (And the more we do, the more impressed I am by Mother Nature!)
The different sugar flowers take different amounts of time, need different amounts of patience, tenderness and finesse (yes, it does sound like I’m raising a child, but trust me it does relate!). For example, peonies are a favorite flower, and one of the most expensive for us to produce, as they literally have to be made over days! Where as Daisies, Cherry Blossoms, and Cala Lilies all equally lovely and delicate, yet more independent – not so in need of our hands, and therefore can be more budget friendly.
Roses are by far one of our most popular flowers, and just as in real life, the art is not only in the formation of the flower, but also in the finesse of the color / hand painting of each part. As no two flowers are alike, so too do we customize each flower for the special person receiving it.