June ‘Favors’

Gifts. Sharing of joy. Reinforcing a memory with something tangible,  something for the eye to savor, the hands to hold, and, when edible, for the mouth to delight in.

Ideas? Here are some that we offer and have done in the past.

Heart shaped shortbread cookies, pecan, citrus, traditional Scottish – tuxedo style ( half dipped in chocolate), with a corsage ( gumpaste flower) or monogrammed.

Cake truffles – a twist on the iconic truffle, decadent and rich, elegantly packaged in individual boxes, tied with your custom ribbon.

Springerles – this ancestral cookie was first known to be made over 1,000 years ago. Like the French breads and Venetian pastries, these delicious, not too sweet cookies are beautiful and unique. Enjoy them in traditional anis, citrus and classic vanilla flavors. Packaged, they are sure to wow their receivers.

Hand Decorated Cookies – Create your custom look or theme on these delicious butter- sugar cookies. These tender and tasty cookies are just the right balance for your icing design.

Cake Pops- from bride and grooms to your colors and swirl. Monogrammed or subtle, they are fun and a fan favorite!

These are just some ideas to spark your imagination!