Beauty & The Beast Engagement Cake

Yes, our pastry artists can create some Disney Magic of their own. This sweet engagement cake – no pun intended, of course- is our sophisticated take on meant for Belle and the Beast themselves. Our rose is one better – it does not wilt, fall, and is sweet to those daring to take a bite!

Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeBeauty and the Beast Engagement Cake









Our team took it the next level, being inspired by all the touches done by Disney themselves.

Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeThe swooshes are bound by Mickey ears, even the stick pin for the cravat is Mickey approved!Beauty and the Beast Engagement CakeMickey Mousse Beauty and The Beast Swag Cake



The happy couple enjoyed chocolate cake with vanilla mousse filling for the bottom tier, and vanilla cake with chocolate mousse for the top tier.

Beauty and the Beast Engagement Cake

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