Royal Baby Shower Cakes


With the expected arrival of the new Prince or Princess of England any day now, and in the perfect timing of spring, the world seems to be filled with baby-celebrations. In the world of the bakery, we seem to be having lots of baby shower cakes and cookies requests.

This led us to ask you, what is your favorite baby shower cake theme/design? What seems adorable and cute to you?

We did this Hungry Caterpillar cake recently Рand it was the hit of the Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower Cakeparty. Tip: By having all of the elements being multiple shades Рjust like in the book Рand having every item in multiple bouts of color Рit works in being sophisticated and looking complete. If we had only done half the elements with the multi-layer of color, it would have looked incomplete and off balance.  Continue reading

Air Force Memorial Wedding


It is always a special honor when we do wedding cakes for those who are serving or have served in our armed forces. This was our first wedding at the Air Force Memorial itself.It was a special surprise to see the groom join us as we were finishing a memorial photographer snap the picture!

Bakery Team with Groom and Company

Bakery Team with Groom and Company

The dessert items included a wedding cake with a cascading petal design and a dessert bar. The red, white and blue wedding colors were carried through out the sweets table.


The white wedding cake on the exterior actually had a dyed blue cake interior. The dessert bar included cake pops (red and blue colored, of course), two bite custard tarts with fresh berries, and champagne cake canapes with fresh blackberries.

One tip for setting up a dessert or buffet table – remember to keep the balance and height in perspective. Having your trays varying heights and shapes keeps the table from looking ‘flat’ or one demential. .

Cake Pops

Red & Blue Cake Pops

Berry Custard Tarts