Design Inspired By Invitations

Often we have clients come to us, hosting a special event, and while they know they would like a festive dessert of some type, they don’t necessarily know what they would like. In this particular case, our client was hosting a babyshower, and wanted individual plated desserts that looked beautiful, tasted delicious, and were cohesive in design to the invitation.

baby shower invitationWith two months lead time and further discussion, the options were narrowed down between our cupcakes and our cakelettes- personal size layer cake, and we set to work offering her 7 different designs, ┬áthat had some range in price, and here’s what we came up with:

We also gave her the option that she could have the variety and let them be mixed up as well.

She ended up selecting all the same chevron cakelette design – and we think it turned out great!


Chevron Stripe Baby Shower Cakelette

Cakelettes lined up and ready to be packaged for delivery

Cakelettes lined up and ready to be packaged for delivered!

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