Eggs In Depth; Baking / Cooking Tips

Always crack eggs open individually in a separate bowl. By this I mean that when  a recipe calls for say 4 eggs, crack the egg in one bowl, inspect it by looking at it to make sure that it is clear, has no smell, then pour it into the bowl where all the eggs will be together. This way, if you have a bad egg lurking in the batch, you do not lose all your eggs.One bad egg in with fresh eggs means you’ll need to start over.Some recipes with meringues or high lift can use up to 12 egg whites, which is when you really  don’t want to have to start over!

When a recipe calls for egg whites this means you must seperate the yolk (the yellow center) from the white. Remember, a little egg white in with the yolk is fine. It will not ruin the recipe. A little yolk in the egg whites will  ruin the recipe. The eggs will not rise or puff up as they should, so pay attention.

Temperature of the eggs : For baking you almost always want your eggs to be at room temperature. Just take out the eggs you will need and set them on your counter for a few hours before you will start baking. Nothing will happen to them, and you will not become sick. Don’t put them in the microwave in an interest to save time, as you will actually cook the eggs. If you are in a hurry and don’t have hours to wait and it’s hot outside, place them outside, out of harms way and /or direct sunlight, and they will come up to room temperature faster.

Brown eggs have as a natural occurrence in many of their eggs, blood specs’. It just looks like a tiny drop of blood in the egg yolk. As long as their is no smell or cloudiness in the egg, it is still a good egg. It really is just a natural occurrence. If it grosses you out, take part of the cracked egg shell and scoop it out. The rest of the egg is good and should be used.

If you have a piece of shell that has fallen into the egg when breaking it, using part of the shell to scoop it out will get the job done quickly. As I’ve learned from experience, any other utensil, including your hands, will take you longer and a lot more irritation, to get it out; the shell naturally attracts back to itself. (Too cool).

While I know veganism is a growing movement, and we do offer vegan versions of many of our products, nothing replaces the taste, texture, and healthfulness that using fresh, room temperature eggs provide in your baking and cooking! So get cracking!… 🙂

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