Gluten-Free Sweets

I can not believe that it is March 11, the clock’s sped up one hour last night, and yet somehow it feels like it’s sped up one whole month! I am most shocked that it has been almost a whole month since I have last posted something – which I will be playing catch up in the coming weeks. Many fun experiences have occurred, and yet the most ironic of all is that I have actually been busy writing blog entries for other sites that I am connected with.

So, while we re-engage and catch up, dear reader, I am submitting now one of my favorites entries recently written, about gluten-free desserts.

Sit back, wet your tongue and hopifully awaken your appetite, and enjoy the read! I will be back soon with a ‘newsy – blog’.

I never cease to be amazed at how many persons with celiac’s disease, aka suffer from a Gluten intolerance, expect to compromise on taste.  I am here to tell you, you don’t have to.

Gluten Free does not automatically mean you must feel like you are pic-nicking on the beach and sand has invaded each and every bite, or that this lovely taste fills your mouth, pleasure erupts on your lips and then, WHAM, the after taste hits and spoils the experience. OR, there are those delicious looking gourmet treats in the case, or packaged at the grocery, or pictured on line; a small fortune is extracted for their purchase; you wait with anticipation to finally enjoy the first bite….it’s so promising. Typically you take your first bite and disappointment replaces pleasure.  The exquisitely packaged and tempting treat is flavorless, or hard, or dry or all of the above, possibly has a weird texture or flavor and into the trash it goes.  Unfortunately, baking gluten free at home does not typically render more favorable results. So you Glutenites tend to either give up all together, or just know it won’t taste like the original and accept that…. don’t. There are those of us professionals, who believe the gluten-free item should be so close to the original that the difference can only be detected when side by side.  This  includes the likes of dinner rolls, muffins, pie crusts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies… whatever you are craving.

Your science lesson: Gluten free flours react differently than traditional flours when combined with other ingredients; for instance a true Southern butter cake when gluten free won’t be as rich as the original because the butter does not permeate the alternative flours the same way. In a blind taste test the gluten free butter cake was declared delicious and was not detected, until the traditional and gluten free were side by side. (The richness or depth of flavor in the two is very different, though the texture is similar.) When a blind taste test was conducted with Red Velvet and Chocolate, 85% could not distinguish between the traditional and Gluten free, even side by side; those who could tell in the end, struggled with their decision. These are examples of how Gluten free should be! (Equal results were found with the bakery goods).

If one of you is Gluten free do not hesitate to have the entire cake Gluten free; if it is deliciously executed your guests will never know and y’all can enjoy whatever bite you like.  The only negative note, which has to be addressed is cost.  Gluten free does not have to cost you a fortune to be good, however be aware that Gluten free will cost more as alternative flours are very expensive. Insider tip: if anyone is charging you more than 30% over the price of the exact same traditional counterpart, shop around; you are being gouged.

Take away: Glutenites, don’t give up, Gluten free is not all the same. Keep your standards high; there are Gluten free baked goods which will evoke Sweet Memories!

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