Royal Baby Shower Cakes

With the expected arrival of the new Prince or Princess of England any day now, and in the perfect timing of spring, the world seems to be filled with baby-celebrations. In the world of the bakery, we seem to be having lots of baby shower cakes and cookies requests.

This led us to ask you, what is your favorite baby shower cake theme/design? What seems adorable and cute to you?

We did this Hungry Caterpillar cake recently – and it was the hit of the Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower Cakeparty. Tip: By having all of the elements being multiple shades – just like in the book – and having every item in multiple bouts of color – it works in being sophisticated and looking complete. If we had only done half the elements with the multi-layer of color, it would have looked incomplete and off balance. 


Cute As a Button Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cute As a Button Baby Shower Cake
This ‘Cute as a Button’ cake was actually gluten-free, with the corresponding cupcakes ‘traditional’ for the guests. *Tip: Play up the theme – we did this in this cake by adding the ‘needle’ and ‘thread’. 




baby shower cake, cherry blossom cake, girl baby shower cakeThis ‘sweet’ cherry blossom baby shower cake is simply delicate, gentle, modern and feminine. From the textured, rich looking booties down to the light pink pearl border, it is as sweet as can be cake. *Tip for more modern looking cakes, keep it to one or two colors; the simpler the color palette the more sophisticated the design looks.


This Winnie the Pooh Ensemble of Cake and Cupcakes is full of intricate details and toWinnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cakeuches. From the character adorned cake and cupcakes, the entire board just brings to life the Hundred Acre Woods.

For a budget saver, rather than going with a large tiered cake, this family opted for cupcakes and cake pops to serve the guests (not featured in the photo) that were decorated simply in theme.

*Tip: With so many details and elements on the cake, what makes this design work is the color palette. By keeping with a few cohesive colors it brings all the different details together. While perhaps looking delightful and simple at a glance, every detail has been attended to – even the details to the cover on the books on the cupcakes!

Hermes Baby Shower Cake



Finally, we have this Hermes Baby Shower Cake. Over the top and exact – down to the fondant Hermes ribbon, Hermes booties and lamb topper, it is a statement cake. With clean lines and all about the details, it is a show stopper.



So we ask you, what is the perfect baby shower celebration for you? Themed or simple and modern? Cake or cupcakes? …

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