New Year, New Cheer!

Welcome  2014! It’s a new year – time for fresh resolutions, or old resolutions that are refreshed and re-energized. So many resolutions revolve around ones-self, and changing habits. Well, what I love about living somewhere that is ‘wintry’ in January, is that the weather is often such that I want to be home or at the bakery, and having the slowdown after the holiday order rush, I can pause and (hopefully) reflect before taking action.

Eloise's Pastries Liver Chip Cookies

At the bakery we are all about enjoying delicious items made with the highest quality ingredients – and that same standard goes into our Dog Liver Chip Nibbles. These morsels are made with human-quality ingredients, are gluten-free (for those dogs who have any sensitivity) and preservative free. And puppy approved! We had many neutral party  taste testers, and my oh my were they pleased!!!


Now, how, are you wondering does this go hand in hand with the new years resolution theme? Perfectly. As you are making a decision to go for more walks, get your house more organized, the dog a new trick or improved manners, having a good -for your dog treat, that he wants to work for, will make you feel good too. And your dog will think you’re a hero!

As we sell Dog Nibbles online and locally, we will not be sharing that recipe. However, we are sharing some healthy human-delicious treats that you can share with your dog – as a refreshing snack after that walk you both enjoyed!

bananas-1Bananas – most dogs love bananas. While healthy they do have sugar, so make sure to keep it all in moderation – like a small part of the banana for your pup, and the rest for your smoothie!




Scrambled eggs – Yep, plain unsalted  no butter scrambled eggs and their coat will have a beautiful sheen!




Carrots – one for you – one for them :)!




Red Tomatoes – and the lengths they’ll go to get them! But wait, that’s a story for another blog! Let’s just say many dogs love tomatoes. Caprese Salad (tomatoes, cheese,  a drizzle of olive oil and basil leaf), one for you, and one small one for your canine companion.