After holiday treat!

It’s the day after Christmas, the sugar high is easing, cleaning up is looming, and work is beginning to call, and yet I the air to go slow, be indulgent, and just enjoy life is what I breathe! So, before everyone gets full into their diets and purges any left-over sweets, I saw this this morning and wanted to share. Plus, this is great for those coming off the shopping rush of the after Christmas sale!

For anyone who made or purchased eggnog and have some left over, how about Eggnog French Toast, with fresh fruit, whipped yogurt and a drizzle of warm maple syrup. And most likely all the ingredients are in your pantry and fridge. What makes this such a fast, easy recipe is that the eggnog replaces all the wet ingredients in a traditional french toast, as it already has the milk, eggs, and seasoning!

day old bread – such as french baguette, sliced bread or hallauh
griddle or panini pan
fresh fruit or berries
plain or vanilla yogurt
maple syrup
and crispy bacon for those who choose!

Pour the eggnog into a long dish that you can lay a slice of your bread in. Coat each slice thoroughly, allowing the bread to absorb the delicious flavor of the eggnog. Then place it onto your pan, medium high heat for approximately 3 -5 minutes, until the bread is brown and no longer soggy. Plate and dress with fruit of your choice.
You can use oranges, strawberries, raspberries, whatever sounds good to you~! If you like whip a little yogurt to lighten and dollop on top. To heat the maple syrup just pop in the microwave in an heat proof container, for about 12 seconds.
As I am a firm believer that bacon makes everything better, I like to add a few slices of crispy bacon.