Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone! Unfortunately for everyone on the East Coast it is not the light-hearted day it has been for many in past years. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered, are without power, damaged homes and all those still under Sandy’s force.

At the bakery, we are baking fall decorated cookies, decorated ghoulish cookies and ghostly cake pops!

Now, in truth, I am not the biggest fan of Halloween. I love seeing the little ones all dressed and seeing them drag their mommy’s and daddy’s around for hours, getting as many pieces of candy as they can get. But the scary stuff, I’m not so big on. So at the bakery we’ve had just as many items decorated with the start of fall as well as with Halloween.

Below are some pictures of some of our Halloween Treats. I hope you’re able to celebrate a little bit!


PS Spoiler alert. At the bakery we all decided to have a halloween treat early, and picked Candy Corn MM’s. We unanimously voted them off the island, or in our case out of the bakery. …