March – Frozen Food Month

March is “Frozen Foods” Month. I am the “loves to cook more than needed and freeze the extra” sort of person. On nights when I don’t feel like cooking, I pull open the freezer and there, just waiting for me, is a delicious “left over” – it feels like Christmas morning!

Well wrapped room temperature food (homemade or store bought) seals in the flavor and keeps items fresh, and makes them freezer ready. (There are some foods and sweets that can not be frozen, but these are few). Once in the habit, this is a great saver! Bagels, for example, freeze beautifully. You can buy several – in many places you have discounts at certain quantities, and wrap them individually; once wrapped place them all in a freezer -grade ziptop bag, pop in the freezer. When ready, just take one out, slice, place in your toaster oven or toaster, on a medium toast setting.

When you’re trying to make something last, like banana bread, and you only want a portion out: Cut the banana bread into quarters or thirds. Wrap one protion for fridge storage and then individually tightly wrap the other portions and once again, to ensure they will not get frost bite, zip them up in an airtight freezer bag.

When ready, take your frozen item out of the freezer and let come to room temperature. (If you’re in a hurry a microwave can shorten the defrost time. Just use it cautiously; start at 10 second intervals. Or let thaw a little and then pop in the toaster / toaster oven until warmed). Enjoy!