Winter Weddings



It might seem odd to be talking about winter weddings in February, but winter is still with us for another six weeks (give or take until March 20th), and it’s inspiration is abounding in the bakery. As well as the fact that it is very common now-a-days for couples to be engaged 9 months or more, so this might help inspire those planning a winter wedding.

What makes a wedding cake ‘winter’? First and foremost, ‘cool’   colors (not as in ‘that’s cool’, but as in a ‘cool color pallette’, usually   blue based as opposed to red (warm) based).

Winter cakes can be a combination of white on white or white on ivory with no other colors. This makes an elegant, refined statement.   To clarify all pattern, flowers, ribbon (etc) are all ‘white’.

A variation on this is to use silver, icy blues and/or bling; very particular metalic’s can work as the metalic evokes the sense of something being covered in ice.

Like making a color picture into black and white to completely change the feel and look, most cake designs can be ‘winterized’.